Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Sardines are one of nature's greatest Superfoods - they should not be overlooked!  You can find them in any supermarket for a great price.

They're perfect in an arugula salad with fresh red onions, lemon juice, salt & pepper and a little hot sauce!  The natural peppery flavor of the arugula, the spiciness of the raw red onion and the acid from the lemon juice perfectly balance the fat from the fish - sometimes I just put hot sauce on them and eat them right out of the can.  They're high in good fat and calories so they're perfect to eat early in your day to really fuel up.  I promise nothing will sustain you like this superfood will.

When I went to Paris a few years ago, every morning I would buy a can of sardines from a little mom and pop shop down the road from my hotel, a fresh baguette from the bakery and sit on a bench and mop up my fish with my bread.  This meal literally sustained me all day and gave me the energy to walk around the gorgeous city literally all day and into the night.  (Of course I snacked along the way- you can't pass up Parisian food especially when in the midst of endless summer farmers markets).  But the feeling is quite extraordinary- not thinking about food an hour later because your body is actually completely content.  Try it out!

Outdoor market on Rue Mouffetarde

deliciously sweet cherries

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