Monday, May 7, 2012

Segregation in The Marketplace

Ever notice how in big, chain supermarkets (e.g. Pathmark, Gristedes, Red Apple, Key Food, etc) any and all "health foods" have their own section?  I can not figure out the logic behind it.  All the whole grain breads, gluten-free products, dairy-free milks, and any other "healthy foods" sit on their own, sad little shelf in some random aisle.  So when you go look for bread, for instance, in the bread aisle you actually won't be faced with their entire selection.  But how would you know to look elsewhere?

By segregating foods, supermarkets are sending out the wrong message.  It's almost like a caste system- here is all your normal food and here is the "special" food.  If there's a health food section, shouldn't all fruit and vegetables be in it as well?  A practically invisible shelf with gluten-free pretzels and quinoa doesn't exactly educate consumers.  If the healthiest options were made as accessible and attractive as say the pop tart aisle, they'd leave the shelves more often and prices would decrease.  The way things are now does not cater to the majority of shoppers.  A change needs to be made.

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