Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Take Back the Power of Food

In the midst of what some consider a renaissance of food (the recent reemergence of local, sustainable, farm to table, artisanal, etc), eating has ironically lost a lot of its enjoyment.  We've lost site of moderation and balance, and blame things like the obesity epidemic on the government, media and other external sources.  It's time to re-focus on ourselves. The more attention and respect you pay to the actual act of feeding yourself, the closer we can get back to a healthy attitude towards food.  Here's an exercise to try at your next meal:

Sit down (don't stand) at a cleared off, clean table. 
Eliminate all distractions like television, music, talk radio, books, magazines and your phone.
Take a few deep, calming breaths.
Try to eat something simple and from nature like a piece of avocado with greens on whole grain bread.  No dressings or sauces.
Take a bite and pay attention to the naturally complex and delicious flavors.
Eat slowly.  Chew well.
*The brain takes at least 20 minutes to register fullness so take your time- that's why eating quickly leads to over eating.
Eat until you are satiated, not stuffed. 
Avoid drinking anything while you eat- liquids can hinder digestion by diluting your stomach's gastric juices.

Be kind to your body; pay attention to it.

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