Saturday, June 16, 2018

Iced Tea

Here is a simple recipe for iced decaf green tea.
Make a big pitcher and keep in the fridge for whenever the mood strikes.  This cold beverage is a refreshing change of pace from water and provides antioxidants, as well.

4 green tea bags
32 ounces fresh, room temperature, filtered water

-glass pitcher with lid (so liquid does not absorb any existing fridge smells)

1 - fill glass pitcher with water
2 - place tea bags in water
3 -  gently stir tea bags around in water for 10 seconds
4 - cover pitcher and place in fridge
5 - after 24 hours, remove tea bags (very gently squeezing out some of the tea water remaining in them)
6 - enjoy tea!  (I don't think unsweetened iced tea has an expiration date but I typically try to finish this drink within 7 days)

*Decaf tea does still contain a small amount of caffeine so if you are particularly sensitive and/or strictly restricting caffeine, decaf tea is not for you.

This is one brand of tea I really enjoy.  It is smooth and subtle but delicious:

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