Saturday, September 15, 2018

A Year Without

+No DOGS (Dairy, Oils, Gluten, Sugar)
+No stimulants (caffeine)
+No alcohol

+No purchasing of non-essentials

+No social media (Twitter, IG, Facebook)
+No YouTube
+No mindless television
+No news

+No profanity
+Look in mirror less than 5 times per day (avoid looking at reflection in other surfaces)
+No judging of others
+No speaking negatively of others, especially behind their back

Exceptions to the rules
+1 weekly news show (e.g. Bill Maher, John Oliver, etc.)
+Pocket app articles for news
+Movies allowed

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

+Place eggs in pot large enough for at least 1 inch of water to cover them

+Cover eggs with at least 1 inch of water

+Place on stove top and turn flame on high

+Once water comes to semi-rapid boil (more than a few tiny bubbles but not vigorous boil), immediately turn off flame

+Set timer for 12 minutes

+After 12 minutes, drain hot water (leave eggs in pot) and refill pot with cold water to stop cooking - add an ice cube or two if desired

+Let eggs sit in cool water for ~5 minutes

+Eat or store in fridge!

*tip= if eggs are tough to peel, peel while submerged in water
Image result for hard boiled egg gif